Springing along

Spring is definitely in the air with balmy breezes and loads of rain. Gratefully the cool days have a bit of weight to them making them not so shivery. We are in full throatle bathroom remodel upstairs and have a new renter (in our previous guest bedroom) as of June! Future guests beware! We have plenty of space but do give us a wide heads up to ready for you!!! Meanwhile, treehouser is finally back at work again. And like every summer, looks to be busy well into the fall. I’m gonna have to figure out this cutting grass thing with two kiddos…trickier than you’d think.

The babes are both thriving at school making huge strides. Our wee family is quite content and cuddly. We are all thrilled for our new guest, Emily whom I’ve been working with since day one at Colgate. She is a welcome addition. The plan is for her to stay through December…but after that, all is unknown! Mystery abounds.

As for current activities, we celebrated Memorial day in the Catskills with our Treehouser friend, Christina and her friends and son (Hagan’s age!). It was quite the adventure of kids being wild in the rural country-scape while adults ate beautiful food in a beautiful place.

We are looking forward to a mid-June getaway to the Shore with the Yunkers to watch the mating ritual of the horseshoe crabs…. until then, I’ll be using my half day Fridays to…mow the lawn, perhaps?

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Working again….

After taking just over three months off… longest time off perhaps ever without a looming deadline of some significance, I am now back at work. The time off was initially a whirlwind but ended in some very quiet, solitary time. Treehouser has been able to stay home for the remainder of the month with the new babe. They are so close, it’s incredibly sweet. Sloane will start daycare with her brother this week…so, changes are afoot…again. Daddy will do some house fixes, go to Seattle for a minute then home again before driving off to another treehouse later this month in VA. So, solo parenting for two coming up…

Spring has been flirting with us while winter weather keeps checking back in…buds abound then snow.. we are looking forward to warmer weather and getting outside some more. We have started an initiative to make new friends and expand time with current friends… so, dinner parties, lunch outings have been on the agenda. We went to Natural history museum in The City with another family for a SUPER fun day, had dinner with a Seattle local and found a new family to play with in town. We are a buzz with the new found fun.

Hopefully, pix to come of outside fun and entertainment coming right up…

Until then….






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Our Snow Sparrow Winter 2016-17

December came in by house prepping for holidays and guests (The Yunker Grandparents and our friends dog, Rohn)… it flew by and the house guests were here for a month (the dog for only two weeks or so). It was all a bit much for me as I prepped for another baby but Christmas was really exciting for wee Hagan- I think it’s the first Christmas he really understood what was happening and he is still talking about it (even though it’s well past Valentine’s Day).

Kris and Tiffany were here all through the holiday but now that it’s the new year, they have left in different directions for greener pastures. Hagan misses them so very much. Tiffany became like a second mother or certainly a very close friend. We both miss her.

Our wee babe came into the world on January 8th, Sloane Aalahandra. Aalaha is Sami for Snow Sparrow and Alexander/Alexandra is SX family name- so, Aalahandra is a mashup of the two. She is so very different than the Hagan baby we knew so well- she is very particular, very social and wants nothing more than to stare at your face or surroundings. She is adjusting very well to night time and it seems like she’s already trying to tell us ‘hello’ and smile. She’s a little chunk of a muffin. All of her is such a departure from Hagan. Meanwhile, Hagan is LOVING the baby…and wants to snuggle and torture his little sister all damn day. It is quite a lot to handle but also very cute. I cannot wait for them to be able to play together without worrying for her life. I have been able to have this whole time off with Sloane and SX…which has allowed me a couple dates with Hagan solo… but all of that is coming to an end with SX headed off to a treehouse tomorrow. I still have some time off and will be practicing two kids solo… overall, it’s been a whirlwind of a year and I’m starting to look forward to having a normal work life again…. but will be easing into it mid-March.

enclosed are nearly 100 photos from all this time between posts:

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Fall to Winter

Fall to winter is a funny time around here. It seems that the summer just fades into crunchy leaves with tepid temps and then one day out of the blue comes the freezing temps. And so it has started. And we find ourselves in winter…

The move-in was a haze of boxes, paint and lessons in cohabitation. We had the Yunker family in the RV and the Kriffany couple adjusting to Jersey. It all finally settled down and we were graced by several visitors. Treehouser visits for east coast builds, Uncle Bruce and Auntie Kathryn, Godfather Mikee and the lovely CB. We had many Philly visits, a couple trips to The City and lots of getting to know our backyard/park. I even managed to squeeze myself into Seattle for a moment….I did a whirlwind family tour and sat on the Lake Washington beach for Top Pot donuts with the old Bestie, Annie.

Meanwhile at work, I traveled to Italy for a conference and although it was brief, it was also amazing. Both the science and the localities were stimulating and wondrous. The Treehouser was very busy all summer and fall but is now home for the holiday. I put in a small gym in the basement for the winter and I’m happy to have the Treehouser home to help with the last item, THE BENCH PRESS. So exciting.

We just got our tree yesterday which Hagan is positively captivated by- he wants to watch all things christmas and sing songs and play with all the ornaments and open all the advent days of the lego-star-wars calendar (that was purchased by dad for son? or for dad? it’s truly hard to say)

The winter christmas new years project that everyone is excited over is the little girl coming perhaps around January 5th. Another Zenobia to add to the tree. And so we wait and celebrate and grow.

img_0773 img_0797 img_0800 img_0806 img_0816 img_0818 img_0827 img_0870 img_0886 img_0890 img_0900 img_0911 img_0925 img_0938 img_0947 img_0951 img_0958 img_0964 img_0969 img_0982 img_0984 img_0999 img_1008 img_1018 img_1035 img_1044 img_1058 img_1059 img_1078 img_1081 img_1090 img_1093 img_1098 img_1100 img_1108 img_1112 img_1119 img_1121 img_1122 img_1123 img_1143 img_1145 img_1149 img_1152 img_1171 img_1203 img_1210 img_1219 img_1236 img_1241 img_1250 img_1267 img_1271 img_1314 img_1317 img_1361 img_1369 img_1431 img_1437 img_1442 img_1445 img_1464 img_1474 img_1484 img_1494 img_1506 img_1519 img_1544 img_1547 img_1549 img_1557 img_1564 img_1566 img_1570 img_1576 img_1583 img_1599 img_1600 img_1601 img_1602 img_1608 img_1610 img_1621 img_1630 img_1690 img_1701 img_1702 img_1710 img_1715 img_1745 img_1748 img_1767 img_1779 img_1782 img_1795 img_1796 img_1803 img_1811 img_1813 img_1814 img_1816 img_1826 img_1834 img_1837

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The Summer

This gallery contains 46 photos.

It’s been quite the summer- full of boxes, tape, paint, dust, sweat and crazy. My work has been absolutely nuts with two interns, a trip to MIT and one billion meetings while my home has been a limbo of workspace … Continue reading

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May: a whirlwind

We have been busy preparing for the move, running to Indiana and back, enjoying the Kentucky Derby, getting work done on the house and a myriad of other things. We started the month with the house purchase, SX went off to upstate NY to build a treehouse at Angry Orchard and came back to manage new house projects…like MOWING THE GIGANTIC LAWN! and other random issues (fridge seal, ordering billions of gallons of paint, septic updates, etc etc etc). Uncle Kris has been intermittently down to help- which Hagan LOVES. We took a small moment to celebrate the Kentucky Derby (and by we I mean Hagan and I) with a work friend who is from Kentucky… ate lots and gawked at the elaborate hat costumes. Then we flew down the highway to Indiana to gather family furniture as contents of the lake house were emptied. We got back and SX took off for another brief treehouse adventure in Kentucky. He will be back shortly to start MOAR house work! In other news, Hagan and I have been exploring new daycare centers and think we have it all narrowed down. New life, here we come.

IMG_0202 IMG_0203 IMG_0211 IMG_0215 IMG_0218 IMG_0219 (1) IMG_0219 IMG_0221 IMG_0239 IMG_0242 IMG_0249 IMG_0256 IMG_0263 IMG_0268 IMG_0323 IMG_0324 IMG_0327 IMG_0334 IMG_0337 IMG_0343 IMG_0349 IMG_0355 IMG_0356 IMG_0371 IMG_0378 IMG_0391 IMG_0392 IMG_0393 IMG_0402 IMG_0403 IMG_0415 IMG_0425

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Buying a house n stuffs

A long awaited update… I was procrastinating a bit because I was waiting for confirmation but now I can tell the world that we are buying a house. We were gifted some family monies and we chose to purchase a house with SX brother and wife in New Jersey. It is on a very private drive, almost completely off grid, 6.5 acres abutting a huge nature preserve with (I’m told) great fishing. We will be taking possession later this month and moving at the end of June so that we can do some work on it first. There are pix below of the house and parklands behind. We basically have one neighbor…it feels very isolated despite being only a mile from a major highway…and very close to the darling town of Clinton.

We just got back from visiting the Treehousers on location in upstate NY at the Angry Orchard Brewery. A brief but fun visit. One of my coworkers met up with us there and we hung out while the workers worked.

The previous weekend was a lovely visit with longtime bestie, Jerret. He came out and stayed with us and we took him up to Times Square and saw a Star Wars costume exhibit.

It’s been quite the whirlwind of activity leading up to Easter and beyond- it’s turning into quite a monumental year. I look forward to showing more pix of our home and extended family.


IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0010 IMG_0013 IMG_0025 IMG_0033 IMG_0039 IMG_0044 IMG_0058 IMG_0059 IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0094 IMG_0096 IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0104

IMG_0110 IMG_0111 IMG_0129 IMG_0138 IMG_0152 IMG_0159 IMG_0162 IMG_0168 IMG_0188 IMG_9921 IMG_9938 IMG_9949 IMG_9957 IMG_9958 IMG_9960 IMG_9961 IMG_9965 IMG_9966 IMG_9969 IMG_9970 IMG_9980 IMG_9982 IMG_9997

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Spring Wind, Easter Bunny, Yunker visit and MOAR

I was dreading the Easter holiday because I thought I would be all alone entertaining Hagan. I made us busy by dropping by the neighbors to play with their girls, eat pizza and jump in their bounce house… I was just feeling so sad about Easter..but that turned out to be silly.  SX’s parents and brother ended up all coming for Easter (and more) which was so fun. The Bunny laid quite the trail with a lavish basket and extra special favors all the way from Seattle (THANK YOU, LOIS)! Hagan made sure to stuff his face all morning until not one piece of candy could be found. The Bunny brought craft projects so Uncle Kris and Peepaw Yunker set to work glueing and nailing together a catapult and candy dispenser (my secret for potty training…wish me luck). We had quite the holiday. Uncle Kris had to take off shortly after but Peepaw and Meemaw Yunker stuck around and we all waited together until the Treehouser came home.

Aside from some amazing wind storms…and downed branches…this waiting period ended up being quite full of excitement!

During this waiting period…we all decided to pull together and buy a house here in NJ. We offered on a beautiful home that sits on 6.5 acres which was accepted and are currently in the loan process now. The house will be home to the Zenobias as well as SX’s brother, Uncle Kris and wife, Auntie Tiff. It is a stunning colonial with ample space for two families and guests. Cannot wait to show it to you.


IMG_9918 IMG_9881 IMG_9880 IMG_9871 IMG_9870 IMG_9861 IMG_9846 IMG_9848 IMG_9860 IMG_9842 IMG_9843 IMG_9844 IMG_9841 IMG_9840 IMG_9834 IMG_9795 IMG_9814 IMG_9793 IMG_9783 IMG_9781 IMG_9772 IMG_9775 IMG_9768IMG_9781IMG_9766IMG_9778 IMG_9783IMG_9765 IMG_9755 IMG_9764

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Marching along

There were more viruses…and now the Treehouser is in Houston. After working from home several days, everything *seems* back to normal. I am really hoping we are over the hump of the winter yuck…it has been in the 60’s after all. Even though I’m told we are getting snow on Sunday?????

Anyway, we are running solo and enjoying each other. He dressed in green for Patty’s day and has been practicing easter fun at school. I can honestly say that between his new school program he is not able to nap as well as before which means a shorter night for us in the eve. It typically means I can do stuff like this…so nice.

I am getting prepared for easter and making a little something for a baby shower but other than that, i am just trying to keep up on chores and take care of the cute guy before i fall asleep every night around 9. Super party house over here!

IMG_9640 IMG_9642 IMG_9654 IMG_9656 IMG_9666 IMG_9672 IMG_9675 IMG_9677 IMG_9682 IMG_9683 IMG_9691 IMG_9693 IMG_9695 IMG_9703 IMG_9708 IMG_9709 IMG_9710 IMG_9711 IMG_9724 IMG_9725 IMG_9726 IMG_9729 IMG_9733 IMG_9742

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Ready for Spring

IMG_9576 IMG_9590 IMG_9593 IMG_9599 IMG_9602 IMG_9605 IMG_9609 IMG_9611 IMG_9612 IMG_9620 IMG_9627 IMG_9630

I hesitate to say that I spent another weekend on the couch…but that’s exactly what happened. So sad given the beautiful spring sunshine and warmer temps. Hagan has been super sweet, checking in every time I cough or sneeze. So, hopefully the virus, ruptured ear drum and root canal can all go to hell and spring can finally arrive.

Hagan just started a new program yesterday with the local preschool to advance his language and POTTY TRAINING schedules. WE could NOT be more thrilled for the help. He will still be at his current daycare while being bussed to and from the preschool during the morning hours until noon. I can already tell in two days that he is loving the individualized attention and smaller class size that he’s getting from the new school.

The trees are all a bud and the daffodil leaves have popped out…at least that’s what I think they are… and so with Spring in the air, the treehouser is finally employed again and will be off for nearly the whole month of March. The easter bunny will likely take his place and the spoiling of the boy will ensue…

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