Snow, Three day Weekends and a Date night

We passed around the viruses through the house such that it wasn’t until last weekend that we really felt up to much more than a couch lounge. SX and I were really excited because our daycare holds occasional date-nights that we so far have been unable to utilize due to travel schedules. So, last Friday we were set to have some alone time for the first time in…?

On my way out the door for our dinner, I foolishly checked my email and found that our landlord is entertaining an offer from a developer which may lead to an eventual sale. So, our date night ended up being a discussion about

  1. Where should we move?
  2. Sadness about 14 acres of beautiful wooded animal habitat going away to fit 10 houses

While we did appreciate being Hagan-free to discuss such big topics, it wasn’t exactly the date-night we had in mind.

We then grabbed Hagan and proceeded to enjoy the rest of the weekend…which promptly fell apart and poor Hagan ended up on the couch again with a tummy bug.

We basically made more cookies and got Hagan hooked on puzzles when he was finally up and about.

Everything was back to normal just in time for the Tuesday work slog… ah well…. perhaps next weekend we can drum up some out of the house fun times.

IMG_9547 IMG_9554 IMG_9556 IMG_9557 IMG_9558 IMG_9559 IMG_9562 IMG_9568 IMG_9572 IMG_9573


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Snow and sickness makes long, slow weekends 

The snowstorm came along with a sluggish and fevery toddler. We snuggled in for three days watching loads of movies. The Treehouser came home just in time to switch places with me as Hagans nurse. We finally got him some meds for an ear infection. He is now doing great! Then I came down with a cold and was sluggish all last weekend… I can say that I am definitely tired of being stuck to the inside of that house although I did manage cookies, crafts, chocolate truffle making and a venture out back to watch Datty and Hagan sled on some construction hills next door.. So, there was some fun being had…

IMG_9416.JPG IMG_9415.JPG IMG_9424.JPG IMG_9403.JPG IMG_9433.JPG IMG_9407.JPG IMG_9430.JPG IMG_9439.JPG IMG_9437.JPG IMG_9440.JPG IMG_9442.JPG IMG_9443.JPG IMG_9485.JPG IMG_9487.JPG IMG_9444.JPG IMG_9461.JPG IMG_9498.JPG IMG_9512.JPG IMG_9513.JPG IMG_9524.JPG IMG_9525.JPG IMG_9527.JPG IMG_9529.JPG IMG_9530.JPG IMG_9528.JPG

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The humdrum of the new year

I’ve been incredibly busy at work and SX just took off for treehousing and the Hag is going strong at PreK. It’s already as though the holiday fattening was a distant memory. I was lamenting over the fact that I was already burned out after two weeks of work and how could that be?!? When my coworker reminded me of the long weekend… Basically we spent the weekend hosting a neighborly pizza party followed by a lot of lounging. So, I’m feeling a bit more perky but am also looking forward to the upcoming snowstorm for more lounging and perhaps cookie baking and decorating…

IMG_9377.JPG IMG_9376.JPG IMG_9378.JPG IMG_9354.JPG IMG_9349.JPG IMG_9348.JPG IMG_9387.JPG IMG_9371.JPG IMG_9368.JPG IMG_9363.JPG IMG_9353.JPG

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Seattle Christmas and New Years in New Jersey

We had a wonderful time in Seattle over the Christmas holiday. We stuffed coffee, sushi and Seattle wanderings throughout the visit- I can barely remember what order it wall went down in…We started of with CB and Mikee who were gracious enough to host a small gathering with my bestie Annie and Patti…of course, Marlene and Roger and Andrea and Charlie crashed the party for dessert! Then, we went near Bellingham overlooking Lumi Island to a rental house where we went all Loopy with family eating amazing foods, cookies, MEAT and wine. After what we decided to call ‘The Fattening’, we went the Treehouse Point Holiday party to party down with the Treehousers… and then finally made it to Vashon Island to hang with the Yunkers for a few days. It was a very relaxing time in the beautiful island setting although we did leave for an afternoon to do lunch with our lovely doula/fairy godmother, Whitney and dinner with the Baxter family. AND THEN we went back to the mainland to spend Christmas with the Barnes family which included park fun, dirty youtube videos and LOTS of cake, cookies, chocolate and laughs. (pix of handmade gifties below) We all celebrated Christmas dinner at Palomino’s with Francis. Finally, we spent the last couple days at Marlene and Rogers house (which included another Loopy celebration with MOAR food and delicious booze) even though we escaped briefly to dine with the Walters family and catch Star Wars with the Barnes Love at the Cinema- quite the holiday! We were ready but sad to go.

We arrived to a quiet house only to have Kris and Tiff arrive days later to celebrate New Years and Kris’s Birthday together. We played legos, walked through parks and generally had a nice, relaxing hang out/catch up. It’s been quite a vacation.

I am kind of, sort of ready to go back to work…

image IMG_9296 IMG_9292 IMG_9286 IMG_9281 IMG_9268 IMG_9266 IMG_9264 IMG_9263 IMG_9256 IMG_9249 IMG_9243 IMG_9246 IMG_9247 IMG_9241 IMG_9231 IMG_9229 IMG_9226 IMG_9220 IMG_9202 IMG_9180 IMG_9187 IMG_9177 IMG_9179 IMG_9161 IMG_9152 IMG_9154 IMG_9147 IMG_9157 IMG_9143 IMG_9139 IMG_9138 IMG_9114.JPG

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Gettin’ Festivus in here!

IMG_9010.JPG IMG_9009.JPG IMG_9011.JPG IMG_9012.JPG IMG_9014.JPG IMG_9018.JPG IMG_9020.JPG IMG_9075.JPG IMG_9072.JPG IMG_9073.JPG IMG_9047.JPG IMG_9071.JPG IMG_9035.JPG IMG_9022.JPG IMG_9021.JPG IMG_9077.JPG IMG_9086.JPG IMG_9102.JPG IMG_9085.JPG IMG_9087.JPG IMG_9112.JPG IMG_9098.JPG IMG_9104.JPG IMG_9128.JPG

We have been prepping for the long holiday and getting overly excited for family faces! The weekend before last, we went to philly for a visit with Auntie Hayles and Seattle Tara. The philly Christmas town was in full swing even with the strangely warm temperatures. There was music, mulled wine and Indian food. The work week included two holiday parties (and interesting sweets) and not much work while the boys enjoyed a trip to the science center. The Treehouser flew out to Seattle for a one day shoot for the show that went late into the early morning. He was so pooped, he slept all the way home. This weekend I finished up some crafts while the boys went to the library for a touch of Star Wars fun and we had a surprise visit from Santa right outside our house!!! Sunday, we all went for a walk at Dukes farm and then I concluded the weekend with a trip back to philly to catch up with my girls before the holiday ramps up.


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Thanksgiving in Western Mass

Hagan had a thanksgiving celebration at school where everyone shared their favorite snacks and made turkey art. SX picked Hagan up shortly after and then came to grab me from work and we drove up to Western MA to join SX brother and wife for the holiday. The parents had already arrived and we all settled into a warm, sunny house for days of delicious food and family. Hagan was on fire with energy and we made enough sweets to give the healthiest person diabetes. This included one gingerbread house kit which hagan decimated hastily. The rural community was quaint and quiet. There was trampoline fun and Legos and drawing and stickering and movies and greenhouses and homemade play dough and playgrounds and petting zoo.  We left Sunday morning for a leisurely drive back home but then got a message from Auntie Francis who was traveling through and we made it out for a lovely Portuguese seafood and sangria dinner. I am back at work trying to remember all my to dos after so much fun.

IMG_8998.JPG IMG_8991.JPG IMG_8983.JPG IMG_8980.JPG IMG_8982.JPG IMG_8969.JPG IMG_8972.JPG IMG_8997.JPG IMG_8990.JPG IMG_8984.JPG IMG_8985.JPG IMG_8941.JPG IMG_8979.JPG IMG_8976.JPG IMG_8978.JPG IMG_8975.JPG IMG_8947.JPG IMG_8948.JPG IMG_8946.JPG




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Birthday Barnes Fun!

Still in the throes of an amazing birthday weekend with sister, brother, dad and Lindsey! All helped celebrate with smores, banjos, fire pit, beach, vintage shopping, eating delicious foods everywhere. In fact, I’m fairly certain I may never be hungry again. Hagan was thrilled to have nonstop attention and entertainment. The crowd is thinning now and will conclude on weds eve. This has certainly been one amazing birthday.

IMG_8912.JPG IMG_8909.JPG IMG_8878.JPG IMG_8916.PNG IMG_8905.JPG IMG_8903.PNG IMG_8890.JPG IMG_8901.JPG IMG_8899.JPG IMG_8896.JPG IMG_8904.PNG IMG_8902.PNG IMG_8877.JPG IMG_8887.JPG IMG_8880.JPG


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A Jersey Halloween!

The Treehouser came home and we spent the weekend with viruses! Yay! But after, I managed to finish the Moth costume and we met up with neighbors for trick/treats, pizza and fun! It was a super great time until the over sugared kiddos met the bedtime hour with fights over toys. I seriously could barely keep myself from laughing. But we recovered the next day with Lego fair and a movie.

IMG_8786.JPG IMG_8815.JPG IMG_8808.JPG IMG_8810.JPG IMG_8780.JPG IMG_8798.JPG IMG_8813.JPG IMG_8819.JPG IMG_8784.JPG IMG_8785.JPG IMG_8788.JPG IMG_8794.JPG IMG_8818.JPG IMG_8817.JPG IMG_8822.JPG IMG_8823.JPG IMG_8812.JPG IMG_8825.JPG IMG_8824.JPG IMG_8826.JPG


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Kids, kids, kids!! 

We’ve had two solid weekends of kids party going on at the neughbors/our house. The first was kicked off at the neughbors, a birthday party for their youngest. They went all out with activities, pumpkin patch and bounce house!!! Hagan and I spent the entire weekend there. This last weekend we hosted a smores party for the entire preschool. Seanix put in a fire pit before he left so we’d have something to roast marshmallows over. It was a big hit! And so nice to have a huge fire As the cold temps kicked in.

We look forward to welcoming the Treehouser home this Friday! It will be a much needed reunion.

IMG_8641.JPG IMG_8640.JPG IMG_8639.JPG IMG_8645.JPG IMG_8650.JPG IMG_8691.JPG IMG_8688.JPG IMG_8652.JPG IMG_8693.JPG IMG_8694.JPG IMG_8703.JPG IMG_8698.JPG IMG_8695.JPG IMG_8697.JPG IMG_8702.JPG IMG_8704.JPG IMG_8710.JPG IMG_8714.JPG IMG_8718.JPG IMG_8613.JPG


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Hangin’ tough

Hag and I are weathering the absence of the treehouser. He flitted in for our Seattle guest for four days, took off again for the World Treehouse Conference in southern Oregon and is back for a day before flying out to Missouri. We are really looking forward to a lengthy grounding this next round so we can catch up on being a family.Hag is learning many new words and especially interested in trees right now. He is such a sweet kid… Except when it comes to the rabbit. He treats Walnut like a sibling, throwing toys at him and is then shocked when Walnut claws at him. Oh, boy.

IMG_8605.JPG IMG_8604.JPG IMG_8607.JPG IMG_8601.JPG IMG_8608.JPG IMG_8565.JPG IMG_8583.JPG IMG_8610.JPG IMG_8556.JPG IMG_8560.JPG IMG_8567.JPG IMG_8563.JPG IMG_8582.JPG IMG_8584.JPG IMG_8612.JPGIMG_8613.JPGIMG_8592.JPGIMG_8570.JPGIMG_8581-0.JPGIMG_8580-0.JPG


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