Working again….

After taking just over three months off… longest time off perhaps ever without a looming deadline of some significance, I am now back at work. The time off was initially a whirlwind but ended in some very quiet, solitary time. Treehouser has been able to stay home for the remainder of the month with the new babe. They are so close, it’s incredibly sweet. Sloane will start daycare with her brother this week…so, changes are afoot…again. Daddy will do some house fixes, go to Seattle for a minute then home again before driving off to another treehouse later this month in VA. So, solo parenting for two coming up…

Spring has been flirting with us while winter weather keeps checking back in…buds abound then snow.. we are looking forward to warmer weather and getting outside some more. We have started an initiative to make new friends and expand time with current friends… so, dinner parties, lunch outings have been on the agenda. We went to Natural history museum in The City with another family for a SUPER fun day, had dinner with a Seattle local and found a new family to play with in town. We are a buzz with the new found fun.

Hopefully, pix to come of outside fun and entertainment coming right up…

Until then….






About Camille

A Native to Seattle wishes to share a vision that comes from the heart. The heart knows there is no vacant space between us. The air is filled with vibrating molecules that reverberate as energy flows through. The energy comes from our bodies as we create molecules through thoughts and reactions. The molecules allow for life and action. The energy created from my molecules reverberates out to you. We are always touching even though miles may separate us. Can you feel me? I can feel you.
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