Our Snow Sparrow Winter 2016-17

December came in by house prepping for holidays and guests (The Yunker Grandparents and our friends dog, Rohn)… it flew by and the house guests were here for a month (the dog for only two weeks or so). It was all a bit much for me as I prepped for another baby but Christmas was really exciting for wee Hagan- I think it’s the first Christmas he really understood what was happening and he is still talking about it (even though it’s well past Valentine’s Day).

Kris and Tiffany were here all through the holiday but now that it’s the new year, they have left in different directions for greener pastures. Hagan misses them so very much. Tiffany became like a second mother or certainly a very close friend. We both miss her.

Our wee babe came into the world on January 8th, Sloane Aalahandra. Aalaha is Sami for Snow Sparrow and Alexander/Alexandra is SX family name- so, Aalahandra is a mashup of the two. She is so very different than the Hagan baby we knew so well- she is very particular, very social and wants nothing more than to stare at your face or surroundings. She is adjusting very well to night time and it seems like she’s already trying to tell us ‘hello’ and smile. She’s a little chunk of a muffin. All of her is such a departure from Hagan. Meanwhile, Hagan is LOVING the baby…and wants to snuggle and torture his little sister all damn day. It is quite a lot to handle but also very cute. I cannot wait for them to be able to play together without worrying for her life. I have been able to have this whole time off with Sloane and SX…which has allowed me a couple dates with Hagan solo… but all of that is coming to an end with SX headed off to a treehouse tomorrow. I still have some time off and will be practicing two kids solo… overall, it’s been a whirlwind of a year and I’m starting to look forward to having a normal work life again…. but will be easing into it mid-March.

enclosed are nearly 100 photos from all this time between posts:

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A Native to Seattle wishes to share a vision that comes from the heart. The heart knows there is no vacant space between us. The air is filled with vibrating molecules that reverberate as energy flows through. The energy comes from our bodies as we create molecules through thoughts and reactions. The molecules allow for life and action. The energy created from my molecules reverberates out to you. We are always touching even though miles may separate us. Can you feel me? I can feel you.
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