The Summer

It’s been quite the summer- full of boxes, tape, paint, dust, sweat and crazy. My work has been absolutely nuts with two interns, a trip to MIT and one billion meetings while my home has been a limbo of workspace and live-space. It’s finally coming together…for the most part. Hagans room (and our closets) is still without a floor, some hallways and bathrooms still need paint while everything still requires fresh trim work. Let’s not speak of the other obvious issues like deck work and roof issues and not getting the floor redone before the move…. but I have a wonderfully workable kitchen, working bathrooms, a lovely laundry…the essentials and more are definitely making it all feel less like camping and more like home. Hagan is thrilled to have family close and loves the yard and the expansive park with fish and geese just beyond our fence. We are settling in while the Treehouser maintains his frantic busy summer season.

We managed to get in one trip to Philly, a small town parade, a toddler birthday party at a bowling alley, a small town family tour of the Mill in town complete with bouncehouse- most importantly, Hagan is adjusting perfectly to his new school. He loves it. I could not be more thrilled.

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About Camille

A Native to Seattle wishes to share a vision that comes from the heart. The heart knows there is no vacant space between us. The air is filled with vibrating molecules that reverberate as energy flows through. The energy comes from our bodies as we create molecules through thoughts and reactions. The molecules allow for life and action. The energy created from my molecules reverberates out to you. We are always touching even though miles may separate us. Can you feel me? I can feel you.
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