May: a whirlwind

We have been busy preparing for the move, running to Indiana and back, enjoying the Kentucky Derby, getting work done on the house and a myriad of other things. We started the month with the house purchase, SX went off to upstate NY to build a treehouse at Angry Orchard and came back to manage new house projects…like MOWING THE GIGANTIC LAWN! and other random issues (fridge seal, ordering billions of gallons of paint, septic updates, etc etc etc). Uncle Kris has been intermittently down to help- which Hagan LOVES. We took a small moment to celebrate the Kentucky Derby (and by we I mean Hagan and I) with a work friend who is from Kentucky… ate lots and gawked at the elaborate hat costumes. Then we flew down the highway to Indiana to gather family furniture as contents of the lake house were emptied. We got back and SX took off for another brief treehouse adventure in Kentucky. He will be back shortly to start MOAR house work! In other news, Hagan and I have been exploring new daycare centers and think we have it all narrowed down. New life, here we come.

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About Camille

A Native to Seattle wishes to share a vision that comes from the heart. The heart knows there is no vacant space between us. The air is filled with vibrating molecules that reverberate as energy flows through. The energy comes from our bodies as we create molecules through thoughts and reactions. The molecules allow for life and action. The energy created from my molecules reverberates out to you. We are always touching even though miles may separate us. Can you feel me? I can feel you.
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