Marching along

There were more viruses…and now the Treehouser is in Houston. After working from home several days, everything *seems* back to normal. I am really hoping we are over the hump of the winter yuck…it has been in the 60’s after all. Even though I’m told we are getting snow on Sunday?????

Anyway, we are running solo and enjoying each other. He dressed in green for Patty’s day and has been practicing easter fun at school. I can honestly say that between his new school program he is not able to nap as well as before which means a shorter night for us in the eve. It typically means I can do stuff like this…so nice.

I am getting prepared for easter and making a little something for a baby shower but other than that, i am just trying to keep up on chores and take care of the cute guy before i fall asleep every night around 9. Super party house over here!

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About Camille

A Native to Seattle wishes to share a vision that comes from the heart. The heart knows there is no vacant space between us. The air is filled with vibrating molecules that reverberate as energy flows through. The energy comes from our bodies as we create molecules through thoughts and reactions. The molecules allow for life and action. The energy created from my molecules reverberates out to you. We are always touching even though miles may separate us. Can you feel me? I can feel you.
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